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Young people saving money in library
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Let Your Library Save You Money

If you think books are the only thing in public libraries, it’s time you visit your own. Far from the stereotypical impression of cavernous spaces filled with rows of dusty books, public libraries are dynamic, community spaces filled with…
woman with financial confidence
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The Surprising Link Between Confidence and Money

New research shows many people feel unsure about their financial knowledge—even when their knowhow isn’t all that bad.  Whether asked about financial planning and budgeting or investments in the macro-economy, for example, a 2017 Canadian…
Man checking subscription model services on phone
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The Financial Pitfalls of Subscription Model Services

Quick! Name all the subscription-based services you are currently signed up for. Netflix or Hulu? Amazon Prime? How about software or online storage services like Microsoft, Dropbox or Google Cloud? Are you paying an annual fee to access…
20 Cheap Date Ideas Infographic
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20 Ways to Romance Your Sweetheart without Breaking the Bank

These 20 cheap date ideas will help you have loads of fun without breaking the bank! These ideas are free or less than $15. Waltz Down Memory Lane Get out your photobooks from your honeymoon, your wedding or even before you were…
Promissory note for a friendly loan
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How to Write a Promissory Note for a Friendly Loan

No one feels good about asking a friend or family member for a loan. Whether due to poor planning, bad luck or some combination of the two, finding yourself in financial trouble feels bad enough. Having to reveal your problems to a loved one,…
Woman negotiating bills
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Money Scripts: Negotiate Your Internet, Cable & Phone Bills

Unhappy with your internet and cable providers? Join the club. Earlier this year, Consumer Reports surveyed more than 176,000 of its members and learned that telecom customers—paying a median of $186 per month for TV, internet and home phone…
Couple dancing to avoid winter blues
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5 Cheap Activities Proven to Help You Avoid the Winter Blues

No matter where you live in the northern hemisphere, the onset of winter means shorter days and far away dreams of summer vacations. For those who live above the 40th parallel, ice storms and slow-to-melt springs can wear on even the most devout…
Family on vacation
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SMART Strategies to Save Up for Something Big

Saving up for something big—or just working to pay down a debt—can feel like an overwhelming task, especially at the outset. As with most big goals, standing on the bottom of the proverbial mountain and looking up past the clouds is just…
Man looking at phone doing a financial cleanse
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Rid Yourself of Costly Toxins with a New Year’s Financial Cleanse

Ever tried a detox diet, fasting or a cleanse? Touted by celebrities and health gurus alike, reducing your dietary intake for a set amount of time is believed by some to bring big benefits that range from enhanced mental and spiritual clarity…
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America’s 17 Most In-Demand Jobs (and What They Pay)

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects these 17 occupations will have the most new jobs in the next eight years. If you want to be in demand, consider one of these professions! There is no shortage of “help wanted” ads for these…
Woman in car smiling
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Lifestyle Creep: When Your Wants Become Your Needs

Let’s daydream for a second: How would your life change over the next year if you suddenly had an additional $500 to spend each month? How about an extra $1,000? Would you upgrade your cellphone? Finally do those bathroom renovations and…
Couple has rainy day fund
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Help Workers Save for Rainy Days, Not Just Golden Years

Originally published on Workforce on Dec. 10, 2018 by Dan Murray Many employees want help saving money, especially for unexpected emergencies, but few employers are offering help when it comes to rainy day savings. There is a savings crisis…
Happy unmarried couple
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The Unique Financial Circumstances of Unmarried Couples

Tips for Navigating This New Financial Terrain A lot has changed about marriage in America in the past few decades: millennials are marrying later in life, children are increasingly born to unwed parents and the rate of marriage itself is steadily…
Avoid debt this holiday season
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7 Things To Do Now To Avoid New Debt This Holiday Season

Originally Published on on Dec. 6, 2018 By Roshni Chowdhry, head of customer experience at SafetyNet Take Control of your Finances Easily before the New Year Last year, the average American who took on new debt during the holidays…