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Happy unmarried couple
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The Unique Financial Circumstances of Unmarried Couples

Tips for Navigating This New Financial Terrain A lot has changed about marriage in America in the past few decades: millennials are marrying later in life, children are increasingly born to unwed parents and the rate of marriage itself is steadily…
Compound Interest Infographic
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Save Money to Get Free Money

Leverage Compound Interest & Invest Early Invest with Compound Interest Being paid interest means making money on your money. In other words, interest is free money! Compound interest is interest that is periodically added back into…
Couple buying home
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Affordable Home Ownership Resources with Realtor Ann Rachein

As one of the top real estate agents in her area, Wisconsin realtor Ann Raschein volunteers her time in home ownership education. Serving on the board of both Habitat for Humanity of Dane County and the Homebuyers Roundtable of Dane County,…
Blue packages: Gift SafetyNet job loss insurance
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The Gift of Insurance: Financial Peace-of-Mind Wrapped in a Bow

If you’ve got loved ones out in the working world, consider forgoing the gift cards, fancy phones, and high-tech appliances this holiday season. Instead, give them something you won’t find in any store: financial peace-of-mind. SafetyNet®…
Women shopping on Black Friday
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The Pitfalls of Black Friday

Shop Smarter By Knowing the Tricks of the Trade It wasn’t so long ago that Black Friday took place on just one day and entirely within brick-and-mortar stores with local TV crews clamoring to cover the overnight spenders. It was, after all,…
Income insurance Safetynet review - John a real customer
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Think You Don’t Need Income Insurance? Think Again

SafetyNet® income insurance provides a lump-sum of cash—no matter what your credit score, savings status or income level is—if you lose your job unexpectedly or can't work due to illness or injury. Income insurance is a new type of insurance…
SafetyNet insurance team

SafetyNet Makes Wisconsin Inno’s 2018 50 on Fire List

50 people and companies heating up Wisconsin tech Originally published Nov. 7, 2018 by WisconsinInno By Jim Dallke Wisconsin Inno’s inaugural 50 on Fire list has arrived. Today, we’re officially announcing the 50 people, companies…
Father and son making easy and cheap handcrafted holiday gifts

Easy and Cheap Handcrafted Holiday Gifts

Whether creativity is natural or something that can be learned is a debate not likely to be resolved any time soon. Meanwhile, however, holidays, birthdays and other causes for celebration continue to challenge everyone to find inexpensive,…
Woman decluttering her finances
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6 Steps to De-stress Your Finances by Decluttering Your Bills

Decluttering is a curious concept. First, it assumes you have an abundance of something (piles of shoes by the front door, cast-off toys, dusty knickknacks or old countertop appliances) getting in your way. Second, decluttering is based on an…
Happy family on computer

Layoff insurance available in North Carolina

Originally Published on Oct. 24, 2018 on by Rob Bradley  BUNCOMBE COUNTY, N.C. (WLOS) — Nearly half of Americans would not be able to afford an unexpected expense of just $400, according to the Federal Reserve. Nearly…
Michigan Households Can’t Afford Basic Necessities
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Michigan Households Can’t Afford Basic Necessities

According to a report from the United Way, at least 40% of households in Michigan cannot afford the bare minimum to live and work in the modern economy.
How insurance works
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How Insurance Works

How do I know if I need insurance? Broadly speaking, insurance provides you with financial help when something bad happens unexpectedly or accidentally, for example, if your apartment catches fire or you are in a car accident. If you have…
Woman looking up insurance terms glossary

Insurance Terms Glossary

We've compiled this list of insurance terms in a glossary to help you better understand your insurance policies and how insurance works. These terms may generally be applied to most insurances, but make sure to read your individual insurance policies, including the coverage and exclusions.
psychology of spending
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Why We Spend: The Psychology of Spending Money

It’s likely no surprise that money is a leading cause of stress among most Americans. Financial decisions—whether making purchases, paying down debt or building up savings—require willpower, good judgment and discipline. Why is it, however,…