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SafetyNet is Now Available in Colorado!

We’re thrilled to announce that today SafetyNet is now available to residents of The Centennial State! From the Rocky Mountains to the Mile High City, we’re pleased to offer hard-working Coloradans the opportunity to protect their income in the case of an unexpected job loss or disability, and help people sleep better at night knowing their income is insured.

When we decided to expand into Colorado, we wanted to make sure we fully understood how resident feel about their finances and their savings. A snapshot of our findings can be found below in our “State of Savings: Colorado” report.

Colorado state of savings infographic

We’re glad to know that Colorado residents feel secure in their employment, but we also recognize that it can be hard to save and build up a strong financial cushion. We invite Colorado residents to visit us at SafetyNet.com to learn more about our offerings and sign up today!