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SafetyNet Launches in Oklahoma!

We’re so excited to be launching in the Sooner State today, helping to improve the financial well-being of the 1.8 million workers employed in Oklahoma! From those living in Oklahoma City to the Great Plains, our mission is to bring Okies greater peace of mind over their financial future.

As with all the states in which we launch, we wanted to make sure we understand how residents currently feel about their financial situation: how much they’re saving, how they feel about their finances, and what they’re doing to prepare for the future. A snapshot of what we found follows below in our “State of Savings: Oklahoma” report.

Oklahoma state of savings infographic

With the state motto of “Labor conquers all things,” we know Oklahomans work hard. But even the hardest workers can experience unexpected loss of income – and that’s why we’re here. With SafetyNet, Oklahomans can sleep better at night knowing that they will have a financial cushion in the event of a layoff or accident – and get back to the more important things in life: cheering on the Oklahoma State Cowboys, relaxing by Oklahoma’s famous lakes, and spending time with family and friends. Have questions? Give us a shout – or visit us at www.SafetyNet.com to learn more.