Where Does All That Money Go? Infographic of Consumer Spending

Consumer spending infographic

Data from the Consumer Expenditure Surveys (CE) measure how consumers allocate their spending among the various areas of their lives. Not surprisingly, housing is the number one expenditure, followed by transportation. Here is where consumers are spending money.

Average expenditures and income of all consumer units*:

Income before taxes          $73,207

Average annual expenditures         $58,460

Food at home         $4,121         5.6%

Food away from home         $3,286         4.5%

Housing         $19,325         26.4%

Apparel and services         $1,771         2.4%

Transportation         $9,252         12.6%

Healthcare         $4,710         6.4%

Entertainment         $2,941         4.0%

Education         $1,372         1.9%

Cash contributions         $2,088         2.9%

Personal insurance, Social Security and pensions         $6,938         9.5%

All other expenditures         $2,655         3.6%

Not spent         $14,747         20.2%


* Consumer units include families, single persons living alone or sharing a household with others but who are financially independent, or two or more persons living together who share major expenses/ who make joint expenditure decisions.


Source: https://www.bls.gov/news.release/cesmy.nr0.htm