What does it cost?

For {{location.name}}, You pay just ${{$localContent('premium-level-1')}}-${{$localContent('premium-level-4')}} a month. Then, if you have a covered job loss or disability, we will pay you the lump sum benefit amount you choose when you apply. It’s that simple. You decide the coverage that’s right for you. ${{$localContent('premium-level-1')}}/month for ${{$localContent('benefit-level-1')}} lump sum benefit; ${{$localContent('premium-level-2')}}/month for ${{$localContent('benefit-level-2')}} lump sum benefit; ${{$localContent('premium-level-3')}}/month for ${{$localContent('benefit-level-3')}} lump sum benefit; or ${{$localContent('premium-level-4')}}/month for ${{$localContent('benefit-level-4')}} lump sum benefit. NOTE: Prices vary by state. The cost of SafetyNet is based on many factors, many of which are state-specific. Such state-specific factors may include but are not limited to state laws and regulations, the types of industry and occupations that are prevalent in the state, and actual and anticipated state claims experience. As we bring a new product to market like SafetyNet, all of these factors are considered and, as a result, prices may vary from state to state.

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