What does it cost?

For {{location.name}}, you pay just ${{$localContent('premium-level-1')}}-${{$localContent('premium-level-4')}} a month. Then, if you have a covered job loss or disability, we will pay you the lump sum benefit amount you choose when you apply. It’s that simple. You decide the coverage that’s right for you. ${{$localContent('premium-level-1')}}/month for ${{$localContent('benefit-level-1')}} lump sum benefit; ${{$localContent('premium-level-2')}}/month for ${{$localContent('benefit-level-2')}} lump sum benefit; ${{$localContent('premium-level-3')}}/month for ${{$localContent('benefit-level-3')}} lump sum benefit; or ${{$localContent('premium-level-4')}}/month for ${{$localContent('benefit-level-4')}} lump sum benefit. NOTE: Rates and benefit amounts may vary by state since rates and product design are based on many factors, many of which are state-specific. These include state laws and regulations, the types of industry and occupations that are prevalent in the state, and actual and anticipated state claims experience, and more.

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