What is a pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing condition can generally be described as something you know about BEFORE you buy our coverage. Very much like your auto insurance company doesn't cover accidents that happened before you bought coverage, we also can't cover a pre-existing condition that relates to a job loss or a disability. For job loss, that essentially means we won't cover a job loss you know is coming. For disability, that essentially means we won't cover a disability that results from a condition you saw a doctor about prior to purchase. We try to keep this limitation narrow and simple though. For job loss, your knowledge of a coming job loss must be based on a communication from your employer. Hearing a rumor of possible layoffs is not a pre-existing condition. For disability, the consultation must have occurred within the 6 months prior to purchase. If the last consultation you had with a doctor about a condition was more than 6 months before you bought the coverage, that is not a pre-existing condition.

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