Each policy is issued for one year and is non-renewable

Lifetime Maximum of $24,000

SafetyNet income insurance is broad — to protect you

  • Job loss due to layoff, job elimination, business closing or other employer-initiated separation not specifically excluded

  • Illness or injury that prevents you from working at your job for at least 30 days

SafetyNet income insurance exclusions are narrow & clear — no surprises at claim time

  1. 1

    A job loss you were told about before you bought the coverage or if you quit, retire or are fired.

  2. 2

    A disability that starts within the first 6 months of coverage if caused by a condition you were treated for within the 6 months before you bought the coverage

  3. 3

    Normal and routine downtimes for seasonal and other jobs (like construction)

  4. 4

    Disability due
    to normal pregnancy, alcohol or drug use, or elective surgery

  5. 5

    Job loss due to acts of war or nuclear or natural disasters

  6. 6

    Job Loss Or Disability That Occurs in the first 30 days of coverage