a. Read your policy carefully. This outline of coverage provides a very brief description of the important features of your policy. This is not the insurance contract and only the actual policy provisions will control. The policy itself sets forth in detail the rights and obligations of both you and your insurance company. It is, therefore, important that you READ YOUR POLICY CAREFULLY.

b. Limited benefit disability and unemployment coverage. Policies of this category are designed to provide, to persons insured, limited or supplemental coverage.  

c. The policy pays you a one-time cash benefit of $1,500 to $9,000 (depending on the amount you chose in your application) for:

  • Job loss due to layoff, job elimination, business closing or other employer-initiated separation not specifically excluded.
  • Illness or injury that prevents you from working at your job for at least 30 days.

d. What Job Losses and Disabilities are NOT covered by the policy?

There is no coverage for:

  • Disability or job loss that occurs in the first 180 days of coverage.
  • Job loss you knew about before you applied for coverage or if you quit, retire or are fired.
  • Disability that occurs in the first 6 months of coverage if caused by a condition you were treated for within the 6 months before you bought the coverage.
  • Normal or routine downtime for seasonal or other jobs (like construction).
  • Job loss or disability due to acts of war, or nuclear or natural disasters.

You can get only one job loss claim and one disability claim paid each policy year.

There is also a lifetime benefit maximum of $24,000.  This amount is the most you can get under the policy during your life.  If you own more than one of these policies, this is the most you can get from all those policies combined. 

e. Is the policy renewable?  When can it end?  Can the terms or cost of the policy change?

Your policy is issued for a one-year term.  It will automatically renew each year unless you or we choose not to renew it.

You may choose to end your policy at any time.

We may choose to end the policy ONLY on your policy anniversary date.

The policy will end if the required premium is not paid or when the lifetime benefit maximum has been paid to you.

We can change the policy terms or raise the premium only on the policy anniversary date and only if we give you 60 days’ advance notice.