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Pays up to $9,000 cash if you get laid off or short-term disabled

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How does SafetyNet™ Protect my Savings?

SafetyNet™ is a simple insurance program that gives you money if, in the future, you get laid off from your job or can't work for at least 30 days due to an illness or injury.

You're working hard to build a solid nest egg. Protect it from unexpected expenses as best you can. Don't let your retirement savings and other plans be derailed by a sudden change in your employment.

When you join SafetyNet, you get peace of mind knowing that you have up to $9,000 in emergency cash, before you even touch your personal savings, available to help you and your family.

Safety Net is Affordable


For less than the cost of Netflix you can receive cash to use as you like. Premiums starting under $10.

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There is no fine print. We are very clear about what is covered and what is not. Here's how it works.

Safety Net immediate approval

immediate approvals

The online application
takes about 5 minutes to complete and approvals are immediate.

safety net fast payments

Fast payments

If you do fall on hard-times, most approved claims will be paid within 2 business days so you can get back on your feet. You get cash fast so your savings is safe.

protect my savings now

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Our mission

The truth is, emergencies do occur. Bad things happen to good people. And when you have no cushion, the financial impact can be devastating. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create new, straightforward financial tools that help everyday people stay afloat when times get tough.

Meet the team behind
SafetyNet™, the team that has set out to create a simple insurance program that
meets the needs of everyday people. 

protect my savings now

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