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Safety Net TeamSafetyNet Team

SafetyNet™ is backed by a financially strong insurance group.

SafetyNet™ is brought to you by CUMIS Insurance Society, Inc. CUMIS is over 55 years old and part of a financially strong insurance group that has been serving everyday, hardworking people like you for over 80 years.

SafetyNet™ is our first idea

Our product designers, financial experts, engineers and marketers talked with thousands and thousands of people who know what it’s like to make hard decisions, and to ride out the storms life hands out.

Our team

Roshni Chowdhry
Customer Experience
Matthew Clausen
Rich Fischer
Product Management
Mark Greene
Christina Johnson
Customer Service
Dan Kaiser
Senior Vice President - Product Executive
Teresa Mahlik
Office Manager
Dan Murray
Vice President - Product Executive
Luke Preiner
Greg Raddemann
Program Manager
Rob Rusch
Legal & Regulatory
Danielle Sesko
Finance & Iterative Testing
Lisa Stewart
Customer Service
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