"The folks at SafetyNet bucked convention..."

Dr. J. Michael Collins

Author / Director of Center for Financial Security, University of Wisconsin

“The folks at SafetyNet bucked convention: rather than taking the usual financial products and figuring out how to sell them, they went out and met struggling consumers where they live and work, and consumers told them what they need: they need help saving, they need a safety net when the unexpected happens, and they need financial service providers who will help them out of tough times, rather than making tough times worse through high fees and unreasonable terms. Consumers want simple, affordable, accessible, fair options, and SafetyNet delivers. Given the dire statistics, the typical American household can greatly benefit from the coverage SafetyNet provides.”

J. Michael Collins is a renowned expert, coach and academician in Household Finances and has authored several publications and books, including, A Fragile Balance: Emergency Savings and Liquid Resources for Low-Income Consumers while a faculty director of the Center for Financial Security at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.